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EV Royalty Partners LP, an affiliate of EnerVest Ltd., retained Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse to market for sale an Utica Shale overriding royalty interest (ORRI) package in Ohio.


  • Asset Overview
    • Assets include an aggregate 60.88% of a ~7.5% ORRI in ~340,894 acres
      • The remaining limited partner of EVRP has a tag right on the sale of the LP interests
    • 0.723% average ORRI in 139 Utica wells
    • 1,146 Mcfe/d (51% gas / 32% NGL / 17% oil)
      • Net PDP reserves: 4,086 MMcfe
    • Primarily operated by Encino Energy, Ascent Resources and Eclipse Resources (Montage Resources, which was acquired by Southwestern Energy in 2020)
  • Stable Production and Cash Flow
    • $119,292 / month net cash flow (June 2021)
      • Last 12-month Net Cash Flow: $1.16 million
      • Next 12-month Cash Flow: $1.7 million
      • PDP PV-10: $6.287 million

Bids are due Dec. 2. The transaction is expected to have an effective date of Oct. 1.

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