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ConocoPhillips Co. retained Detring Energy Advisors to market for sale its Chittim Ranch waterflood properties located in Maverick County, Texas.

The assets offer an attractive opportunity, Detring said, to acquire an oil-weighted production base generating about 550 boe/d (roughly 99% oil) on a consistently low decline producing from the San Miguel reservoir with significant, stable cash flow providing reliable, long-term returns on investment. Additionally, the offering includes multiple opportunities for historically demonstrated field optimization and development to unlock additional production, reserves and cash flow.


  • ~30,000 Net Acre Position (100% Working Interest and 100% HBP) 
    • Large, operated, HBP and contiguous position provides control for buyer improvements of waterflood and ongoing operations
    • Low royalty burden (12.5%) with 100% working interest and 87.5% revenue interest across the asset
    • Contiguous acreage and well locations provide economies of scale for operations and workovers
  • Low-Decline Production (~550 boe/d at 99% Oil on ~6% Decline)
    • Oily production base on low and steady decline ensures confidence in future cash flow and returns
      • ~$6 million Next 12-month operated cash flow (PDP)
    • $25 million PDP NPV-10 with 2.6 MMboe net reserves (~13 year reserves-to-production ratio)
    • Operated by a COPC affiliate, providing a well-maintained asset prepared for further improvements
      • Developed field with infrastructure in-place to facilitate operations
  • Legacy Assets Primed for Optimization & Redevelopment
    • Significant workover potential with ~70 wells identified to return low-risk, meaningful production online
    • Multiple existing patterns with infill and reactivation potential
    • Historically successful opportunities for production uplift through developed asset improvement
    • Upside available through modern refracturing, recompleting of legacy wells, and waterflood pattern optimization
Detring Energy Advisors Marketed Map - ConocoPhillips Chittim Ranch Waterflood Maverick County Texas
(Source: Detring Energy Advisors)

Process Summary:

  • Evaluation materials available via the Virtual Data Room on June 23
  • Proposals due on July 28 

For information visit or contact Melinda Faust at or 512-296-4653.