A Litmus Test for Methane Certification

The time is now to set up the rules of the road for a certified gas market that will rapidly draw down methane emissions and give U.S. producers the leading advantage.

(Source: Shutterstock.com)

With certified gas based on methane performance taking off so fast, let’s take a minute and think about the impact this could make. Methane is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas: 86 times more impactful than CO₂ on a 20-year time horizon.  

If a global market were to develop and mandate no greater than 0.2% leakage of methane worldwide by the end of the decade, we could eliminate 5.7 Gtons of CO₂e. This is the equivalent of all the yearly emissions generated by the U.S. and is arguably the most ambitious role that oil and gas producers can play this decade in meeting a 1.5 C future. 

In moving forward with certification, U.S. operators would have the leading advantage at meeting international import standards, state and utility performance targets, as well as pave the way for new and improved forms of emissions and ESG disclosures using measurement. 

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