Laredo Petroleum Inc. joined the responsibly sourced gas (RSG) movement with a partnership on Sept. 30 that marks the first for a public oil and gas company in the Permian Basin.

Through an agreement with Project Canary, Laredo Petroleum is initiating a continuous emissions monitoring pilot and responsibly sourced gas certification at select well sites within Laredo’s western Glasscock and Howard County development areas in West Texas.

“I am proud to announce our implementation of continuous emissions monitoring and our pursuit of RSG certification,” Jason Pigott, president and CEO of Laredo Petroleum, commented in a company release on Sept. 30 that also announced the release of Laredo’s 2021 ESG and Climate Risk Report.

The Project Canary partnership will include the implementation of a continuous emissions monitoring pilot on select Laredo production sites in Howard County for measurement of greenhouse gasses.

Laredo is also pursuing RSG certification for horizontal Midland Basin wells in Laredo’s Howard and western Glasscock County development areas through Project Canary’s TrustWell certification process. The certification will provide third-party verification of Laredo’s operating standards and practices, according to the company release.

“As the first public company in the Permian Basin to engage with Project Canary’s monitoring and RSG certification process, we are further demonstrating our commitment to ESG leadership,” Pigott continued.


For more on the RSG movement check out the cover story “Responsibly Sourced” in the October 2021 issue of Oil and Gas Investor.

Oil and Gas Investor October 2021 Cover

Project Canary is a Denver-based start-up at the heart of the RSG movement with a growing number of agreements with companies across the upstream, midstream and utilities space.

In an interview with Hart Energy earlier this year, Project Canary Co-Founder and CEO Chris Romer described the company as the “Moody’s and S&P” for carbon metrics and related data. Through its continuous monitoring technology, the company aims to provide trusted, independent data and environmental reporting to help the oil and gas industry self-certify their products.

Prior to Laredo’s announcement, privately held Chisholm Energy LLC announced an agreement with Project Canary, which the company said marks the first RSG partnership with a Permian Basin operator in New Mexico where Chisholm’s operations are focused.