Jobs in US Energy Sector Rose in 2021 Led by Work in Low-carbon Vehicles

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said jobs in the U.S. oil business should rise in 2022 as drillers produce more to meet demand as the pandemic eases and as Russia’s invasion removes petroleum from global markets.


Jobs in the U.S. energy business rose 4% last year, at a faster clip than the country’s overall private sector, led by work in low-carbon vehicles, while positions in fossil fuels fell as the pandemic cut demand, the Department of Energy said on June 28.

The U.S. Energy and Employment Report showed employment in manufacturing of cleaner vehicles and components—whether hybrid electric, full battery electric, plug-in hybrid, or hydrogen fuel cell—rose about 64,500 or about 25% from last year. Overall jobs in motor vehicles rose 228,100, up 9.8%, it said.

Meanwhile, employment in petroleum fuels fell about 31,600, or 6.4%, from last year as the COVID-19 pandemic reduced demand.

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