Intrepid Financial Partners LLC recently made a strategic investment in Ecotec International Holdings LLC, a California-based methane emissions monitoring company.

For over 30 years, ECOTEC has specialized in the design, development and implementation of instrumentation and software for emissions detection and compliance within the natural gas, biogas, carbon credits and air quality industries. More recently, the company also expanded into the oil and gas industry.

“We believe this is a unique opportunity to partner with thought leaders in the oil and gas and energy transition industries, particularly as we continue to grow our oil and gas business,” Tim Novick, CEO of ECOTEC, commented in a release from the company on Feb. 3.

The amount of the investment made by Intrepid Investment Management LLC, the investing arm of Intrepid, was not disclosed. Though ECOTEC did say it plans to use the proceeds to accelerate the production and roll-out of its patented instrumentation and emissions data collection software to fulfill strong customer demand in the biogas and oil and gas industries.

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with ECOTEC as they continue to grow their business, and in particular, as they expand into oil and gas,” Skip McGee, co-founder and CEO of Intrepid, said in the release.

With offices around the globe, ECOTEC provides a comprehensive suite of patented, cutting-edge instrumentation and software solutions to companies, organizations and municipalities around the world, helping them manage and remediate their environmental footprint by accurately identifying and quantifying their greenhouse-gas emissions.

“ECOTEC has historically been a leader in emissions solutions to the biogas and utilities industry, and they are well-positioned to leverage their decades-long experience to provide expert solutions for the oil and gas industry,” McGee added. “We have known members of the management team for almost two decades, and we look forward to working with them on the very important mission of building a path towards a lower-carbon world.”

Intrepid is an energy-focused merchant bank with over 50 employees, and expertise in upstream, midstream, downstream, oilfield services and energy transition. The firm, which has offices in Houston and New York, has advised on roughly $150 billion of transactions since 2015, according to the company release.