According to IHS Markit, EOG Resources Inc. completed two high-volume Wolfcamp oil wells in the Delaware Basin portion of Lea County, N.M. The discoveries are in Section 11-26s-33e. The #703H Whirling Wind 11 Com was tested through fractured perforations at 3,920 m to 6,074 m (12,862 ft to 19,928 ft) flowing 3.869 Mbbl of 42-degree-gravity oil, 179 Mcm (6.332 MMcf) of gas and 1.936 Mbbl of water per day. It was tested on an open choke with a flowing casing pressure of 1,651 psi. The 6,110-m (20,045-ft) well’s horizontal leg bottomed 2.4 km (1.5 miles) to the north in Section 2. From an offsetting surface location the north-trending #704H Whirling Wind 11 flowed 4.77 Mbbl of 42-degree-gravity crude, 206.5 Mcm (7.293 MMcf) of gas and 5.74 Mbbl of water per day from fracture-stimulated perforations at 3,897 m to 6,069 m (12,785 ft to 19,913 ft). The parallel lateral was drilled to 6,106 m (20,034 ft), 3,794 m (12,447 ft) true vertical. It was tested on an open choke with a flowing casing pressure of 2,046 psi.


Talos Energy LLC is preparing to drill an offshore exploration well in the Bay of Campeche’s shallowwater Sureste Basin in Mexico. The venture will be in the Zama Prospect in Block 7 in the Salinas sub-basin, where light oil will be targeted in the Tertiary clastic reservoirs. A seismic survey of Block 7 in 2016 indicated a well-defined amplitude flat spot, a potential indicator of hydrocarbons. Talos is the operator of blocks 2 and 7 and the upcoming Zama exploration well with 45% interest with partners Sierra Oil & Gas (45%) and Premier Oil (10%).


Anadarko Petroleum Corp. reported a gas discovery at exploration well #1-Gorgon in the Caribbean Sea deepwater sector in Colombia. The discovery of gas zones was made at depths ranging from 3,675 m to 4,415 m (12,057 ft to 14,485 ft) and showed gas in the same geological trend that is in the Kronos Field. The venture is about 27 km (17 miles) from #1-Purple Angel, which confirmed the extension of the gas reservoir found in 2015 with the #1-Kronos discovery well. The #1-Gorgon is within the Purple Angel Block adjacent to the Fuerte Sur Blocks and their Kronos discovery, #5-CI, and Fuerte Norte. Anadarko is the operator of the well and the Purple Angel Block with 50% interest in partnership with Ecopetrol (50%). The four discovery blocks encompass 14,900 sq km (5,753 sq miles).


Canacol Energy Ltd. reported results from exploration well #1-Canahuate in the Lower Magdalena Basin in the Esperanza Exploration and Exploitation Contract area in Colombia. The #1-Canahuate was drilled to 2,518.5 m (8,263 ft) and encountered 38 m (124 ft) of net gas pay with average porosity of 18% within the Cienaga de Oro reservoir. Canacol tested two zones within the reservoir. The lower zone was perforated at 1,544 m to 1,790 m (5,067 ft to 5,872 ft) and flowed 651 Mcm/d (23 MMcf/d) of dry gas. Gauged on a 60⁄64-in. choke, the flowing tubing head pressure was 997 psi with no water. The upper zone was perforated at 1,513 m to 1,521 m (4,965 ft to 4,990 ft) and flowed 152.9 Mcm/d (5.4 MMcf/d) of gas and 8 bbl/d of water. It was tested on a 30⁄64-in. choke with a flowing tubing head pressure of 1,524 psi.


InterOil Exploration and Production has announced an oil discovery in the Altair license in Colombia at #1-Turaco. Production at the Llanos Basin well is from the upper section of C7 at 1,750 m to 1,751 m (5,742 ft to 5,746 ft). Additional testing is planned with slickline tools to determine the size of the oil accumulation to evaluate commerciality and further development. The lower section of C7 at 1,803 m to 1,804 m (5,915 ft to 5,919 ft) produced 100% water. The rig has moved to drill a vertical well, #1-Vikingo, in Block LLA-47.


Wintershall AG has started drilling the first of a planned 20 Vaca Muerta Shale exploration wells in Argentina’s Neuquén Province. Along with partner Gas y Petróleo del Neuquén, the first ventures will be in the Aguada Federal Block. Wintershall invested $3.35 billion in the block in the eastern part of the province in the Anelo Department. The Aguada Federal Block covers 97 sq km (37 sq miles). Exploration drilling and surface seismic testing are planned.


An offshore Senegal gas discovery was announced by Kosmos Energy as the first of a four-well program. The #1-Yakaar was designed to test the basin floor fan fairways. It is in the Cayar Offshore Profond Block, and area water depth is 2,550 m (8,366 ft). The well was drilled 4,700 m (15,420 ft), intersected a gross hydrocarbon column of 120 m (394 ft) in Lower Cenomanian and encountered 45 m (148 ft) of net pay. According to Kosmos, well results confirm the presence of thick stacked reservoir sands over a very large area with very good porosity and permeability and a gross Pmean gas resource of about 424 Bcm (15 Tcf). Preliminary gas sample analysis indicates the well has a condensate- to-gas ratio of about 15 bbl to 30 bbl per 28 Mcm (1 MMcf). An appraisal program is being planned to delineate the discovery. Kosmos and BP hold a 30% participating interest in the license along with Timis Corp. (30%) and Petrosen (10%).


SDX Energy announced results from #1X-SD on the South Disouq Concession in Egypt’s Nile Delta area following the significant natural gas discovery in its upper Abu-Madi section. The well hit 20 m (65 ft) of net pay in upper Abu Madi that has an average porosity of 25%. SDX drilled deeper to 3,373.5 m (11,068 ft) to test a target in the lower Cretaceous horizons.


Aminex Plc updated its estimate of gas initially in place in the Ntorya appraisal area of the Ruvuma onshore concession in Tanzania. According to the company, the Ntorya appraisal area has been successfully tested by two gas wells, and the Pmean gas in place is 13.1 Bcm (466 Bcf). The upgraded resource follows the drilling and testing of #2-Ntorya, which encountered a net pay zone of 31 m (102 ft) and tested gas at an average fl ow rate of 481 Mcm/d (17 MMcf/d) during testing on a 40⁄64-in. choke. The estimates cover the Ntorya appraisal area only and do not include the potential of the adjoining exploration acreage. Basin modeling is underway, and additional testing of potential liquid hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs is planned, including #3-Ntorya.


Oil India Ltd. announced two Upper Assam Basin discoveries in Block A (PML Moran) in the Dibrugarh District of Upper Assam, India. Exploration well #1-Borbhuibil encountered multiple sands in Barail and Lakadong-Therria. A 15-m (49-ft) pay interval in Barail Sand at 3,322 m (10,899 ft) produced 176 bbl/d of oil. A 10-m (33-ft) Lakadong-Therria Sand at 4,300 m (14,108 ft) fl owed 629 bbl/d. At #1-Lakwagaon a gross column of 30 m (98 ft) of oil sand in Barail initially fl owed 264 bbl/d. The well is on production. Additional testing and area exploration are planned.