Inside Continental Resources’ $250 Million Foray into Carbon Capture

The Williston Basin has the ideal properties for long-term carbon storage, Continental Resources Founder Harold Hamm told Hart Energy at an event in Fargo, N.D. announcing the shale producer’s first carbon capture project.

Inside Continental Resources’ $250 Million Foray into Carbon Capture

Continental Resources founder and chairman Harold Hamm addresses a crowd at Theraldson Ethanol, where Continental announced a $250 million investment in Summit Carbon Solutions’ carbon sequestration project.  (Source: Brian Walzel / Hart Energy)

[Editor's note: A version of this story appears in the May 2022 issue of Oil and Gas Investor magazine.]

FARGO, N.D.—Continental Resources Inc. unveiled a $250 million investment into a carbon capture and sequestration project in the Williston Basin on March 2 that its partners say, once in operation, will be the largest such carbon sequestration project in the world. 

The Williston Basin, from which Continental has been producing for more than five decades, has the ideal properties for long-term carbon storage, according to founder and chairman Harold Hamm.

“[The Williston] has sandstone, and we’ve talked about the thickness of it, its consistency, its good permeability, and good properties so that injectability is good,” Hamm told Hart Energy. “It’s better than a mile deep, it has good caprock above [the reservoir] that’s going to keep the carbon in place. All of those things add up, and this has been through quite a process from a geological engineering perspective.”

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Brian Walzel

Brian Walzel is senior editor for Hart Energy’s E&P Plus.