Titan Division of Hunting Energy Services released upgrades to its ControlFire software that will improve the existing system's shooting panel technology for oil and gas perforating operations, a press release announced on Aug. 30.

A subsidiary of Hunting Plc, the company's perforating technology portfolio is now available through Hunting's distribution centers throughout the world.

The ControlFire Perf+ Panel system combines the original ControlFire controls with shooting power supply and data acquisition capabilities into an integrated single rank-mount panel with new design improvements and features.

The accompanying Perf+ Logger software generates a user-friendly log record for perforating operations through interfaces with existing depth.

"By incorporating the shooting panel and data processing into a single unit, the Perf+ Logger software can automatically plot shot indications on the perforating log, providing real-time perforation depth records required for well data analytics," the release stated.

When used with Hunting's ControlFire Recon products, the Perf+ Panel system increases communication speed while reading detonator resistance downhole.

In addition, the new system introduces automation capabilities during operations to reduce the risk of human error, allowing the user to focus on critical elements like winch control and line tension rather than perforating processes.