The Titan Division of Hunting Energy Services, a subsidiary of Hunting Plc, introduced the KnockOut 360° line of circulating shaped charges designed to improve cement placement during well P&A operations, a press release announced on June 7.

The KnockOut 360° system can be run in a phased gun configuration to perforate 360 degrees of the inner tubing, leaving the outer casing with minimal controlled damage regardless of primary to secondary casing orientation, making it the ideal circulating shaped charge line for P&A applications.

The perforating system also provides consistent entry holes in the inner tubing to maximize open flow area, and perfect cement distribution for plugging the well. The system is currently available in 2-in and 5 1/8-in with O.D.’s, with a 7-in version in development for release later this year.

As an extension of the company's first generation KnockOut circulation shaped charges, the new model differs from its predecessor by eliminating the requirement for a zero-phased gun configuration, which could limit the area open to flow and coverage required for a reliable cement plug.

Based in London, international energy services provider Hunting Energy Services Titan Division engineers and manufactures perforating systems, wireline selective firing systems, cased hold logging instruments, nuclear detectors, energetics and associated wireline hardware and accessories.