Dallas-based Hunt Energy Enterprises and Breakthrough Energy Ventures, a clean energy fund founded by Bill Gates, are among contributors in a Massachusetts solar power company that has raised more than $100 million, according to a June 13 news release.

CubicPV, which also has an office in Dallas, raised the equity commitments to advance solar power work, including a U.S. factory.

CubicPV said $33 million has been made available immediately. The second round of funding is tied to project milestones in CubicPV’s effort to develop and produce silicon wafers, an important component of solar panels. The company’s goal is to build 10 gigawatts of wafer production in the U.S. CubicPV, according to the news release.

CubicPV has identified two possible factory sites located in the U.S., but it did not name their locations.

In addition to contributions from Hunt and Breakthrough Energy, CubicPV also received funding from its “strong shareholder base, led by SCG Cleanergy” which is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCG, a Thai company. CubicPV did not release a breakdown of the investors’ commitments or details on the project milestones.

CubicPV and Hunt did not respond to requests for comment.