GATE Energy has been awarded the carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) strategy development contract on Jan. 20 by a major E&P operator. This scope aims at developing the strategic roadmap, tactical initiatives, and implementation timeline to address the technical, operational, and business process gaps for CCUS within the client's portfolio.

"The selection of GATE Energy for this high-profile project for one of our core clients is exclusively based on our standout, deep technical, operational and business knowledge of the carbon capture value chain and our proven ability to implement client and project-specific strategies,” Chuck Centore, president of GATE Energy's project management and engineering division, said. “The results of this work will allow our clients and partners to adeptly capitalize on CCUS opportunities while minimizing associated downside risk. Getting this right the first time is a critical imperative that improves the chances of success for our clients in the coming energy transition."

As part of the energy transition, GATE Energy is poised to deliver high-end management consulting and conceptual work for the initial stages of CCUS projects, with engineering and commissioning support to follow. This award places GATE as the premier consulting firm for new energy related projects.

"This award reiterates GATE's position as the global leader in the energy transition,” Karthik Annadorai, executive vice president of GATE Energy, said. “In addition to being part of the core CCUS workgroups in major trade organizations, such as NOIA, we are well positioned to win multiple scopes in the coming years that will strengthen our position and allow us to effectively serve our clients and share project successes."

GATE Energy is a family of companies that provide scalable, fit-for-purpose services for the energy sector including engineering, commissioning and specialty field services as well as consulting services for new energies.