Aker Solutions ASA and Dril-Quip, Inc. announced on Feb. 25 that their subsidiaries have entered into a Collaboration Agreement to offer subsea injection systems for CCUS projects.

Under the agreement, Dril-Quip will provide Aker Solutions with CO2 injection Xmas trees and wellheads that will be fully integrated into a larger subsea injection system to provide customers with market-leading technology purposely designed for the injection and storage of CO2.  The arrangement will leverage on Aker Solution’s position as an integrated supplier of CCUS systems along with its control systems and electrification components.

The agreement focuses on the strengths of both companies to deliver an optimum solution for carbon capture and storage, and is in line with each parties’ strategic goals of collaboration and partnerships to unlock value for customers.

Under this agreement, Aker Solutions and Dril-Quip have agreed to work together to target the Northern Endurance Project in the UK, maximizing local content from both companies. The Northern Endurance Partnership enables the net zero vision by providing the common infrastructure needed to capture and transport CO2 from carbon emitting projects, such as Net Zero Teesside Power, to secure offshore storage in the North Sea.  In October 2021, The Northern Endurance Partnership’s East Coast Cluster, which includes Net Zero Teesside, was selected as a priority cluster in phase-1 of the UK Government’s Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage cluster sequencing process.

"This collaboration agreement further reinforces Dril-Quip’s leadership and commitment in energy transition and builds on our legacy of providing technologies that enable our customers to save time and money, reduce risk and lower their carbon footprint," Jeff Bird, Dril-Quip’s President and CEO, said in a press release.