Cactus Inc., a provider of wellhead and pressure control equipment and National Energy Services Reunited Corp. (NESR), a provider of integrated energy services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have entered into an agreement to provide and deploy Cactus frac rental equipment in the Middle East as well as other initiatives in the key markets Cactus said Sept. 7.

Scott Bender, president and CEO of Cactus, said, “The differentiated nature of Cactus’ products and service execution has enabled us to significantly expand our presence across U.S. unconventional basins over the last several years. Through this new agreement with NESR, we are extending this model to customers in the MENA region. We have highlighted the Middle East as an area of potential future growth and we are pleased to have officially deployed assets and personnel in the region, working together with NESR. We are excited about the expansion of unconventional oil and gas development activities in the Middle East and hope to leverage NESR’s extensive footprint and excellent customer relationships to grow the business.”

“I am quite pleased to see this agreement with Cactus take concrete shape and the progress we have made with our customers in this sphere," said Sherif Foda, chairman of the board and CEO of NESR. "As Scott mentioned, this has been a significant effort on the part of both companies to reach the execution phase given the stringent requirements around pressure equipment...I look forward to expanding this relationship and bringing significant value to our customers in the region.”