The HMS 100

The HMS 100 provides real-time data by monitoring the helideck’s heave, heave velocity, roll, and pitch and can be integrated with a variety of meteorological sensors including humidity, wind speed and direction, and barometric pressure. (Image courtesy of Kongsberg Maritime)

Kongsberg Maritime has launched a new web service to provide users of its Helideck Monitoring Systems (HMS) with live data over the Internet. The Web HMS 100 service aids helicopter operators and pilots by providing advance data on helideck conditions before a flight embarks for a platform and addresses new requirements of the Norwegian and UK Civil Aviation Authorities.

Once the service is activated on an HMS 100 installation, key stakeholders including the helicopter operator, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (for service in the Norwegian North Sea), and the ship management company can view live data from the installation in a text and/or graphic format. From any web browser, users can log in and access data from any vessel/platform for which they are authorized to receive data.