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Editor's note: This monthly "As I See It" column originally appeared in the May issue of E&P Plus.
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It was the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in summer 2020 when we announced E&P magazine would go fully digital and rebrand as E&P Plus. At the time, receiving printed magazines at your offices was rather difficult given that many of you, like us, had set up shop in home offices. To better serve our readers, we created a new digital version of E&P that could be delivered directly to your email. In addition, the move let us add multimedia content in the form of videos, infographics and more.

It was an innovation for our long-standing print publication brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with a historic oil price crash. But while COVID-19 seems to have turned a corner in the U.S., many of the solutions brought about to deal with it are becoming permanent. That includes remote work habits and the digital preferences of our readers.

The name of this column is “As I See It” but it may as well be called “As You See It.” You’ve seen E&P in a digital format. You’ve seen it delivered directly to your email. You’ve seen its interoperability with and our video center. You told us you want us to keep it that way.

For the past nine months, we’ve teamed with a vendor to produce a new type of E&P as an experiment. But we want to give you even more. So we are simplifying the delivery to direct E&P readers to, where we will house the content in a branded E&P section for easy-to-find content. And we’ll be delivering more of the same great content you’ve come to know from our same cadre of editors and writers and, of course, extensive contributions from the industry.

Beginning in June, we will cease publishing the experimental version of E&P Plus and replace it with an HTML newsletter under the original E&P brand. The content you receive in this new newsletter will be the same original content you receive now, only more of it.

Avid readers of E&P have watched this publication go through an evolution since its first issue in the late 1990s. Like the technology developers of the oil and gas industry, we’re not afraid to push the envelope and make things better and more efficient as time goes on.

E&P isn’t going anywhere, except directly to your inbox. We look forward to continuing to serve the industry and, as always, I welcome your feedback on our latest endeavor.