In an exclusive interview with Hart Energy’s Jessica Morales, Kate Day, senior partner at Houston-based law firm Bracewell LLP, described what she expects from 2019 M&A.

Day said we have started to see a bit of a thaw in M&A with more companies buying and selling assets. On the midstream side, she said we will continue to see MLPs convert to a corporate or LLC structure. 

In addition to her outlook on oil and gas financing trends, Day took time to speak on gender bias and how she tries to set it aside. She offered advice for others trying to do the same.

“Look for a mentor and peer group who can come up with you,” Day said. “As a partner who is trying to promote young lawyers, I think the most important thing you can do is set aside the bias that we all are feeling. That can be racial biased, that can be gender bias, that can be any kind of bias. We just need to recognize that even the most open-minded of us, are actually experiencing it whether we know it or not.”