The ‘Green New Deal’ launched by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Senator Ed Markey. They outlined several goals to meet in 10 years, including 100% of power demand from zero-emissions energy sources. American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle released a statement in response. "For nearly a decade now the United States, long blessed with vast natural resources, has benefited from the greatest energy expansion in the history of the world. Our energy producers have delivered the low cost, affordable and reliable energy that has fueled economic growth and opportunity for all Americans, no matter their race, sex, creed, or color. We have drilled our way to prosperity here at home and, as this energy revolution continues, the U.S. will lift millions of people out of energy poverty around the globe while reducing the power of those who fuel their hostile regimes with petrodollars."

During this same time period the green left — through the apparatus of the Democratic Party — has done everything in their power to stop it. They have failed. The resolution is nothing more than an organizational device to advance the political agenda of the socialist wing of the Democratic party wrapped in a green bow. There is nothing aspirational about making false promises to the very people it claims to be trying to help. In fact, it is immoral."

Rice brothers, Toby and Derek, are doubling down on their calls to transform EQT into the lowest-cost gas operator in the U.S. by taking control of the company and installing Toby as CEO. The brothers hosted an investor call earlier this week to lay out their plan. EQT management has said it’s likely they will try to buy back stocks as part of an effort to thwart the Rice brother’s return to the executive suite.  Hart Energy’s Emily Patsy has a detailed report on this back and forth here.

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