Halliburton Co. has launched the Diskos 2.0 National Data Repository (NDR) for the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Norway’s government agency responsible for regulating petroleum resources, the company said in a May 30 news release.

The repository stores E&P data for Norway’s oil and gas industry. Members can access seismic, well and production data without having to move data from the NDR to a local network.

In addition to being the industry’s first example of a fully cloud-native NDR, Diskos 2.0 utilizes automation and artificial intelligence to improve data insights, reduce costs and improve scalability. It is equipped to handle over 28 petabytes, which is equivalent to 28,000,000 gigabytes of data, according to the release.

“Diskos 2.0 provides operators and key oil and gas stakeholders with a clean, transparent information and data management environment,” said Louis Vos, assistant director of finance and shared services at the National Petroleum Directorate. “It ensures that our members can access and perform data processing, interpretation and analytics without having to copy it first.”

The new system is hosted on Halliburton’s iEnergy cloud environment and will be made available to 79 Diskos members across the oil and gas industry.

Halliburton is an energy technology and solutions provider.