Matrix Sensors, Renew Power Systems (RPSi) and SunGreenH2 are joining Halliburton Labs’ clean energy accelerator program, Halliburton said Jan. 18 in a press release. 

Halliburton Labs provides companies with expertise, connections and facilities to hit commercialization milestones efficiently. Through this, the company hopes to progress clean energy innovation and ultimately bring their innovations to a global market. 

“Companies across the energy landscape are interested in scalable innovations that improve the cost, reliability and sustainability of energy,” said Dale Winger, managing director of Halliburton Labs. “Our tailored program combines expert support, access to a global network and the physical resources for participants to scale. We’re excited to help these companies accelerate their market traction.”
Matrix Sensors has developed the world’s first touch-free quantitative gas sensor on a chip to address current gas sensor limitations, including manual calibration every six months. 

“With Halliburton’s global reach, we can apply our technology to some of the biggest problems facing the energy sector today,” Matrix Sensors CEO Steve Yamamoto said,  “including CO2 sensors for energy efficient buildings and methane sensors for leak detection.”

RPSi connects renewable energy resources such as wind and solar with each other to enable flexible and sustainable grid infrastructure using hardware and software solutions. 

“Our mission is to help change the way the world generates and distributes energy,” said RPSi CEO Zach Emond. “With RPSi technology, a diverse range of domestic and global communities will benefit from the acceleration of renewable energy resources that work with new and existing grid infrastructure and improve access to affordable, sustainable, and resilient electricity.”
SunGreenH2 uses renewable power to produce low-cost green hydrogen with its modular, high-efficiency anion exchange membrane electrolyzer stack. 

“We are excited to unlock the future of green hydrogen production. With the help of Halliburton’s engineering and manufacturing expertise, we plan to commercialize and roll out our product in major international markets,” said Tulika Raj, co-founder and CEO of SunGreenH2.