1 EOG Resources Inc., Houston, has set a 41/2-in. liner to an unreported depth at a horizontal wildcat in northwestern Johnson County, Texas, nearly five miles east of the Hood County line. The #1H O'Dowd is waiting on completion tools in the previously undrilled Johnson County School Land Survey, A-440, about 1.5 miles north of Godley. The 9,295-ft. test was proposed to bottom about a half-mile northwest beneath the same survey. The drillsite offsets to the northwest to the operator's #1 Beasley, which is also awaiting completion tools. Some 2.5 miles northeast is the #1 Carrell, drilled to a total depth of 7,400 ft. Few details were released on its production. 2 Stroud Petroleum Inc., Shreveport, La., completed a Travis Peak wildcat, more than eight miles northeast of Gilmer in Upshur County in East Texas. The #1 Thorne, in the Sarah Powell Survey, A-388, flowed gas at the daily rate of 423,000 cu. ft., with 12 bbl. of condensate and 71 bbl. of water. It was gauged through a 32/64-in. choke through fracture-treated perforations between 10,362 and 10,428 ft. The nearest producer is about a third-mile west-southwest. The #1 J.E. Duffey-the only producer in Stamps Field-was completed at a total depth of 12,012 ft. It produced 39.2 million cu. ft. of gas, 1,556 bbl. of condensate and 572 bbl. of water from perforations in the Travis Peak between 9,136 and 9,717 ft., according to IHS Energy. 3 Ballard Exploration Co. Inc., Houston, completed a wildcat in the abandoned Greens Bayou Field area of eastern Harris County, Texas. The #2 Jacintoport, in the Richard & Robert Vince Survey, A-76, flowed 3.6 million cu. ft. of gas per day, with 116 bbl. of condensate, through Yegua perforations between 10,306-36 ft. Flowing tubing pressure was gauged at 7,441 psi through a 10/64-in. choke. About a third-mile north-northwest is the #1 Kelly Brock C, completed in 1973 flowing 2.01 million cu. ft. of gas per day from the Vicksburg between 7,755-59 ft. 4 Brigham Oil & Gas LP, Austin, has brought onstream an apparent Frio discovery in central Matagorda County, Texas. The #1 Holloway, in James Moore #6 Survey, A-62, was tested flowing 6.2 million cu. ft. of gas and 780 bbl. of condensate per day. Flowing tubing pressure on the 12,900-ft. well was 5,200 psi. Over a third-mile north-northwest is the nearest previous producer in the area. The #1 Pitchfork Ranch A-90 flowed gas from the Miocene between 11,358 and 11,439 ft. Producing as part of the Faith-Mag Southwest Field, the zone yielded 1.74 billion cu. ft. of gas, 80,543 bbl. of condensate and 47,648 bbl. of water through December. 5 Corpus Christi-based Manti Operating Co. completed a wildcat well in southern Atascosa County, Texas, for 117 bbl. of oil and 53,000 cu. ft. of gas per day through perforations between 5,401-06 ft. The company drilled the #1 Dicke to 6,000 ft. and plugged back to 4,800 ft. in Section 16 GH&H RR Co. Survey, A-1312. It tested the well through a 12/64-in. choke with 425 psi of flowing tubing pressure. Manti also has drilled the #2 F.H. Dicke for 139 bbl. of oil and 18,000 cu. ft. of gas per day and is completing the #3 Dicke. It is drilling the #4 F.H. Dicke in the same area. Manti's Carsons Hole Field is about a mile north-northwest of the #1 Dicke. In that field, Manti completed the #1 Kaiser for 174 bbl. of oil and 55,000 cu. ft. of gas from the Lower Wright between 5,521-28 ft. 6 El Paso Production Co., Houston, completed its #1 Zergerle in DeWitt County, Texas, as a deeper-pool discovery flowing 6.5 million cu. ft. of gas with 139 bbl. of water per day. The Brandt Field-area well, in Patrick Quinn Survey, A-396, tapped four fracture-stimulated Wilcox zones between 13,580 and 17,321 ft. Tests were taken through a 36/64-in. choke with 2,911 psi of flowing tubing pressure. El Paso drilled the well to 17,770 ft. and plugged back to 17,680 ft. A Brandt Field well-the #1 Colorado Unit-a half-mile northwest in the same survey also produces from Wilcox between 11,854 and 11,932 ft. That well was completed in February 2002 for 1.9 million cu. ft. of gas a day and has produced 321.7 million cu. ft. of gas, 3,972 bbl. of condensate and 60,874 bbl. of water though May this year, says IHS Energy. 7 Headington Oil Co. LP, Dallas, brought in an apparent discovery in the Samano Field area in southwestern Hidalgo County, Texas, just east of the Starr County border. The company's #16 B.L. Murch tested natural gas at a rate of 6.2 million cu. ft. of gas a day with 247 bbl. of condensate through a 20/64-in. choke with 3,725 psi of flowing tubing pressure. The tests were conducted from Vicksburg in two perforated intervals between 10,524 and 11,050 ft. Headington has asked for a new field designation for the well. The only well in Samano Field is a third-mile south-southeast. That field well, the #1 Oliphint, was completed in June last year from Vicksburg perforations between 7,323 and 7,862 ft. 8 In the western Gulf of Mexico, Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc. completed another discovery in its East Breaks drilling program. The Raptor prospect was drilled in East Breaks Block 668 in 3,742 ft. of water. Although it didn't report a production rate, Dallas-based Pioneer expects to put the well on production within a year, according to IHS Energy. Under its exploration plan, it may drill another well on the block. It has drilled a dry hole in adjacent Block 712, and it has scheduled three wells in the northern half of Block 756 south of Raptor. The company successfully drilled its Tomahawk prospect in Block 624, immediately north of Raptor and its Harrier prospect in Block 758 southeast. The discoveries all produce back to the Falcon Nest platform on Mustang Island Block A-103 on the shelf, according to IHS Energy. 9 A flow of 11 million cu. ft. of gas equivalent per day rewarded Remington Oil & Gas Corp., Dallas, at the #1 OCS-G-22557 in the north half of West Cameron Block 495. According to Magnum Hunter Resources Inc., half-owner of the well, the drillbit pierced two productive sands in the 6,554-ft. well. The companies anticipate first production in first-quarter 2004. A previously drilled well a half-mile north produced 6.1 billion cu. ft. of gas from a shallow interval and 2.54 billion cu. ft. of gas from a deeper zone from 1990-92. 10 William G. Helis Co. LLC, New Orleans, claimed a discovery in 15 ft. of water offshore Louisiana in Eugene Island Block 44. The well was tested for an unreported amount of gas from Middle Miocene between 11,834-54 ft. after being drilled to a total depth of 12,339 ft. The operator drilled the #2 OCS-G-19784 after abandoning its #1 well two miles south-southeast near the southern border of the block. 11 Kerr-McGee Corp., Oklahoma City, drilled and temporarily abandoned a 23,254-ft. wildcat in 3,865 ft. of water in the northwestern corner of Green Canyon Block 534 in the central Gulf of Mexico, according to IHS Energy. The company set casing to 16,598 ft. in the #1 OCS-G-22974. It has proposed up to two more wells for the block under the exploration plan filed for the area more than a year ago. Kerr-McGee also intends to drill more wells in Green Canyon 485 to the west, and Amerada Hess has scheduled a test of its Heart prospect in Green Canyon Block 757 south-southeast. Kerr-McGee's 300-million-bbl. Red Hawk Field in Garden Banks 877 is more than 25 miles southwest. 12 Weiser-Brown Operating Co., Magnolia, Ark., plans a 9,200-ft. wildcat in Union Parish in northern Louisiana about seven miles south of the Arkansas border. The company's #1 Pardue is in Section 7-22n-1w, a third-mile northeast of a well in the same section that was abandoned in 1978. That well recovered some oil in sidewall coring at depths shallower than 4,200 ft. The nearest production comes from Ora Field some four miles southeast. Corney Bayou Field, approximately eight miles south, produces from Smackover. 13 A discovery in northern Jefferson Parish, La., immediately southwest of New Orleans, tested at 2.8 million cu. ft. of gas per day for Dominion Exploration & Production Inc., Houston. The #1 State Lease 17510 has been designated the field opener for Bayou Segnette Northwest Field. The well flowed from perforations in the Uvigerian lirettenis from 9,118-39 ft. through a 12/64-in. choke with 3,300 psi of flowing tubing pressure. 14 Petro Cap Inc., Dallas, received a permit to drill the 12,500-ft. #1 Epic-Tormin wildcat in southwestern Amite County, Miss. The well, in Section 17-2n-3e, is near the abandoned Berry Creek Field. 15 Mobile Mineral Corp. has rescheduled a remote planned wildcat in southeastern Hancock County, Miss., about 1.5 miles west of the Harrison County line. The Mobile, Ala.-based operator will drill the #1 Unit 35-3 in Section 26-7s-14w, within the city limits of Diamondhead. It is about four miles northeast of the #1 Cinque Bambini in Section 8-8s-14w, a Waveland Field well drilled to 13,705 ft. that tested at 1.5 million cu. ft. of gas a day from Mooringsport. It was never brought online.