1 Lehnertz-Faulkner Inc., Tyler, is drilling the #1 Malbrue, a proposed 12,100-ft. wildcat about 10 miles northwest of Cayuga in the northeast corner of Freestone County, Texas. The well is in Florinda Dixon Survey, A-198, near the point where Navarro, Anderson and Henderson counties meet Freestone County. The nearest production is a mile east-northeast at Exxon's #1 Ben H. Carpenter, drilled to 7,500 ft. in Ingram Trinity Field. The nearest deeper production is in Alligator Creek Field 1.75 miles north-northwest in Navarro County where the Bossier produces from 10,815 to 10,912 ft., according to IHS Energy. 2 Machin & Associates Inc., Longview, Texas, completed a 65-bbl., 22,000-cu.-ft.-per-day discovery at its #1 McCarter wildcat in southwest Rusk County, Texas. The well produced through a 10/64-in. choke with 140 psi of flowing tubing pressure from Woodbine perforations between 4,150-51 ft. after being drilled to 4,280 ft. The well is in Thomas A Crockett Survey, A-179, about 20 miles southwest of Henderson, Texas. The closest producer from Woodbine is more than four miles northwest in Lone Star Field in Cherokee County where John R. Bunn completed its #1 PI&L Bowling well in 1938 for 128 bbl. of oil a day. 3 Elliott Oil & Gas Co., The Woodlands, Texas, produced nearly 3.6 million cu. ft. of gas and 80 bbl. of condensate a day from its #2 Browder "C" exploratory well in western San Jacinto County, Texas. The 11,800-ft. well in Jose Maria de la Garza Survey, A-18, produced through an 11/64-in. choke with flowing tubing pressure of 3,115 psi from Wilcox perforations between 11,620-70 ft. The company's #1 Browder "C" well, about a quarter-mile south, is part of Old Waverly Field. That well has given up 4.5 billion cu. ft. of gas, 39,948 bbl. of condensate and 33,810 bbl. of water from one Wilcox interval through 1986. It was later completed in a shallower Wilcox section for another 383.5 million cu. ft. of gas, 2,527 bbl. of condensate and 43,502 bbl. of water since 1994. 4 The #1 Lehrer produced 2.7 million cu. ft. of gas with 204 bbl. of water a day four Tri-C Resources Inc., Houston. The discovery produced from Wilcox perforations between 15,146-65 ft. through an 11/64-in. choke with 8,515 psi of flowing tubing pressure. It is about five miles west of Garwood in I&GN #13 Survey, A-319, in Colorado County, Texas. The nearest Wilcox producer is in Easter Field about a half-mile west-southwest in the same survey. 5 Energy Corp. of America Inc., Sugar Land, Texas, completed two apparent discoveries about five miles northwest of Rosenburg in Fort Bend County, Texas, near the company's Brazos Field. The #1 Moore in Nancy Spencer Survey, A-88, flowed 3.1 million cu. ft. of gas, 90 bbl. of condensate and three bbl. of water a day. Immediately northwest, the company completed the #3 Moore well at the same flow rate. The number #2 Moore tested at 1 million cu. ft. of gas a day in the same survey about 0.75-mile north-northeast of the #3 well, IHS Energy said. 6 Rio-Tex Inc., San Antonio, brought in a discovery for 90 bbl. of oil and 60,000 cu. ft. of gas a day at its #1202 Lewis in Section 12, Block 3, TW&NG R Co. Survey, A-155, about seven miles northwest of Leakey in Real County, Texas. The Canyon formation well is a northwest offset to a well the company drilled last fall in the same section. 7 A 6.9-million-cu.-ft.-of-gas-a-day discovery rewarded Camden Resources Inc., Dallas, when it completed its #3 Ruckman Deep Gas Unit well near Hostetter Field in southeastern McMullen County, Texas. The well in Section 43, BS&F Survey, A-21, about 11 miles east of Loma Alta produced through a 12/64-in. choke with 9,515 psi of flowing tubing pressure from Reagan (Wilcox) perforations between 16,120-66 ft. The company completed one of the deeper tests last fall in Hostetter Field flowing 12.8 million cu. ft. of gas and 367 bbl. of water a day, according to IHS Energy. 8 Big Lake Corp., Dallas, tested its J. Salinas #6 well for 9.1 million cu. ft. of gas a day from Catahoula sand perforations between 2,875-77 ft. about 3.5 miles south of Cologne in Victoria County, Texas. The well is in the Pedro Gallardo Survey, A-32. Big Lake tested the new-field wildcat through an 8/64-in. choke with 1,187 psi of flowing tubing pressure. This is the company's fourth successful completion in the survey, and it plans three more wells before year-end. 9 Continental Trend Resources Inc., Enid, Okla., completed its #1 State Tract 78 Gas Unit directional discovery in the northeast corner of Calhoun County, Texas, for 1 million cu. ft. of gas and 45 bbl. of water a day. The well is about a mile northwest of Olivia in Block 13, William Arnold Survey, A-2. It tested from perforations from two intervals between 9,254 and 9,332 ft. through a 21/64-in. choke with 575 psi of flowing tubing pressure. The well was scheduled to drill to a bottomhole location a quarter-mile east in Lavaca Bay. 10 A Brooks County, Texas, new-field wildcat flowed 6.8 million cu. ft. of gas, 168 bbl. of condensate and 24 bbl. of water a day for ExxonMobil Corp., Irving, Texas. The #48 R. J. Kleberg Jr./Los Muertos, in Estavan Martinez Survey, A-389, produced through a 16/64-in. choke with 5,184 psi of flowing tubing pressure from Vicksburg perforations between 8,704 and 9,644 ft. A former Oligocene producer in Viboras West Field likes about 2.66 miles south-southeast. 11 United Oil & Minerals LP completed the #2 Swallow Unit in Juan Jose Trevino Survey, A-22, about three miles south of San Carlos in southern Hidalgo County, Texas, for 626,000 cu. ft. of gas, five bbl. of condensate and 34 bbl. of water a day. It tested the well through an 8/64-in. choke with 2,120 psi of flowing tubing pressure from perforations in two intervals between 6,172 and 6,261 ft. 12 Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico off Galveston Island, Devon Energy Production Co. LP, Oklahoma City, posted a discovery at its #1 (BP) OCS-G-22219 well in Galveston Block 424 in 104 ft. of water. The 10,261-ft. discovery pierced several pay zones, and the company tested the lowest of those for 15 million cu. ft. of gas a day, according to The Houston Exploration Co., which owns 35% of the well. Seagull Energy Exploration & Production had previous production from the block from Galveston Block 389 Field where three wells produced a cumulative 4.89 billion cu. ft. of gas, 37,831 bbl. of condensate and 205,779 bbl. of water from Miocene. 13 Spinnaker Petroleum LLC, Houston, tested its Madeline prospect (#1 OCS-G-2313) in High Island Block 47 I the Gulf of Mexico from 13 million cu. ft. of gas a day from Miocene. The 10,595-ft. well in the eastern part of the block should begin producing to sales in the fourth quarter this year. Unocal completed a gas discovery in December on adjacent High Island Block 36 after drilling to 14,090 ft., but few details have been released on that discovery. Spinnaker also is drilling the #2 well in Block 47 to further assess Madeline prospect potential. 14 Energy Partners Ltd., New Orleans, should be able to produce 7 million cu. ft. of gas a day from the Ang "B" sand from its #B-3 OCS-G-21074 discovery on East Cameron Block 280. It drilled the well from the "B" platform in the southern half of Block 263 to a measured depth of 7,877 ft. (6,130 ft. true vertical depth). Two previous wells drilled in Block 263 from the same platform produced 1.2 billion cu. ft. of gas, 230 bbl. of condensate and 4,498 bbl. of water from January through July 2002 as part of West Cameron Block 533 Field. 15 Two wildcat wells in the Gulf of Mexico tested at a combined 17 million cu. ft. of gas equivalent a day in southwestern Vermilion Block 100 for Remington Oil and Gas Corp., Dallas. The #1 and #2 OCS-G-22616 wells were drilled from the same surface location in 63 ft. of water, and the company's initial plan of exploration filed more than a year ago said up to three additional wells may be drilled at the site. Remington, Magnum Hunter and Wiser Oil bought the property at the March 2001 lease sale. 16 EOG Resources Inc., Houston, plans a 4,000-ft. wildcat well to Tuscaloosa in lightly drilled Madison Parish in northern Louisiana. The parish has only hosted 20 producing wells, according to IHS Energy. EOG's #1 E. Carlton McCoy "17-2" is in Section 17-17n-12e immediately northwest of a wildcat drilled and abandoned in 1946 and 10 miles west-southwest of the nearest producer in Delhi Field. That well, the #1 J.P. Smith Farms Inc., produced a cumulative 8,093 bbl. of oil, 7.8 million cu. ft. of gas and 13,416 bbl. of water.