1 Allied Energy Corp., Bowling Green, Va., has built the location for its Allied Oakwood #1A exploratory well in Leon County, Texas (RRC 5). The well, in W.B. Gordon Survey, A-316, will look for Rodessa gas with small proportions of condensate at about 10,000 ft. Many of the wells in the area produce from Rodessa lime, and the Allied well location is 4.5 miles west, and across the Trinity River, from the #10 R.S. Daily well, which has produced nearly 13 billion cu. ft. of gas. 2 In southeastern Rusk County, Texas, (RRC 6) about a mile north of the Nacagdoches County line, WSF Inc., Shreveport, La., has received a permit for the #1 Temple-Allar wildcat. It plans to drill the well to 10,200 ft. in Benjamin F. Biggs Survey, A-153, about 5.5 miles east of Mount Enterprise. The nearest production is a mile southeast in Appleby North Field, which the #1 G.P. Stewart Gas Unit was drilled to 10,100 ft. and completed in the Travis Peak. It produced 184.99 million cu. ft. of gas, 1,679 bbl. of condensate and 74,644 bbl. of water between 1984 and November 1991. It later was completed as a Pettet producer for another 123.72 million cu. ft. of gas, 1,042 bbl. of condensate and 1,976 bbl. of water through 1996. 3 BRG Petroleum Corp., Tulsa, Okla., completed a natural gas discovery well for 915,000 cu. ft., eight bbl. of condensate and 243 bbl. of water a day. The company's #1 Seeligson Gas Unit was acidized and fractured through comingled perforations between 7,960 and 8,080 ft. in Pettet and 8,244 and 9,058 ft. in Travis Peak and tested through a 10/64-in. choke with 1,890 psi of flowing tubing pressure. The well is in the I&GN RR Co. Survey, A-658, some 3.5 miles northeast of Appleby in Nacogdoches County, Texas (RRC 6). 4 Jasper County, Texas, (RRC 3) hosted a wildcat discovery that came in at 906,000 cu. ft. of gas a day with no liquids for Kerr-McGee Oil & Gas Onshore LLC of Oklahoma City. The well is about 2.5 miles east of the Hardin County boundary line and six miles west of Buna in John Richardson Survey, A-417. The company's #1 Hilgemeier Family Trust Gas Unit flowed from perforations between 3,916-22 ft. from an unreported formation, according to IHS Energy. The company drilled the 8,900-ft well directionally to a true vertical depth of 7,751 ft. in the same survey and plugged it back for completion. 5 Cypress Exploration & Production Corp., Houston, brought in a wildcat flowing 2.16 million cu. ft. of gas, 106 bbl. of condensate and three bbl. of water a day from Cook Mountain perforations between 10,481 and 10,506 ft. The company's #1 Kasparek et al. is in the I&GN RR Co. Survey, A-269, in southwestern Fort Bend County, Texas, (RRC 3) about a half-mile south of the town of Pleak. Flowing casing pressure was 4,415 psi. 6 Erskine Energy LLC, Houston, completed a Goliad County, Texas, (RRC 2) discovery flowing 4.83 million cu. ft. of gas and 41 bbl. of water in the area of Lions Field. The company tested the #1 Ellroy Karnei Unit through a 10/64-in. choke with flowing casing pressure of 9,700 psi through Lower Wilcox perforations between 13,894 and 13,930 ft. The well is in Jose Maria Mancha Survey, A-203, more than 10 miles north-northwest of Goliad. The only other producer in the field is a half-mile west, where the #1 Wright Materials Inc. produces from Wilcox below 15,286 ft. 7 A deep test to 17,000 ft. is also in the planning stages for Erskine Energy. The company plans to drill its #1 Barrow wildcat in Garrett Roache Survey, A-59, in southeastern Bee County, Texas (RRC 2). There is no production from a comparable depth in the immediate area. The well location is surrounded by shallower wells in Burkes Ridge, Burkhollow and Medio Creek fields, which produce from Frio, Vicksburg and Greta zones shallower than 5,500 ft., according to IHS Energy. 8 Meridian, Texas, independent Edwin S. Nichols Exploration Inc. has scheduled a northern Frio County, Texas, (RRC 1) wildcat to 6,700 ft. less than three miles from the Zavala County line. It will drill the #1 Kincaid in M.F. Sosa #289 Survey, A-600, approximately 15 miles east-northeast of Pearsall. The nearest producer to the wildcat is in Pearsall Field, about 5.5 miles south-southeast. There, the #3 H.L. Calvert et al. tested at 68 bbl. per day from the Austin Chalk between 6,560-78 ft. in 1983. 9 Manti Operating Co., Corpus Christi, Texas, brought in a McMullen County, Texas, (RRC 1) discovery for 1.98 million cu. ft. of gas, 32 bbl. of condensate and three bbl. of water a day with its #9 Morrill wildcat. It tested the well from perforations between 6,006-10 ft. in an unreported formation through a 14/64-in. choke with 1,820 psi of flowing tubing pressure. The well, in Section 48, J. Poitevent Survey, A-683, is 12 miles northeast of Tilden and a half-mile east-southeast of Manti's one-well Gas-X South Field. In that field, the #4 Morrill tested at a potential of 1.59 million cu. ft. of gas a day from Wilcox between 5,915-20 ft. 10 A exploratory recompletion in Ben Bolt West Field in Jim Wells County, Texas, (RRC 4) by Devon Louisiana Corp., Oklahoma City, flowed 178 bbl. of oil and 151,000 cu. ft. of casinghead gas through a 14/64-in. choke with flowing tubing pressure of 1,215 psi from fractured perforations in an unreported formation between 5,942-58 ft. The #4 Roger Hoffman Gas Unit "A" is in Santos Moreno Survey, A-300, about 4.5 miles southwest of Ben Bolt. It is a recompletion of a well drilled in 1989 that flowed gas from Yegua between 8,431-42 ft. 11 Touchstone Resources USA Inc., Houston, has scheduled a wildcat to 10,000 ft. in southwestern Hidalgo County, Texas, (RRC 4) about three miles east-southeast of the Starr County line and four miles north of Mexican border. The nearest drilling to the company's #1 Frank Yturria, in Antonio Miguel Cano Survey, A-81, is an abandoned well a half-mile west-southwest. The nearest production from a comparable depth is 5.5 miles southeast from the #1 Fordyce well that produced a cumulative 751.19 million cu. ft. of gas, 33,111 bbl. of condensate and 14,017 bbl. of water as part of Tabasco Field from 1981 through 1999. 12 El Paso Production Co., Houston, reached more than 40 ft. of Lower Miocene net natural gas pay and anticipates a high flow rate at its #1 (BP) OCS-G-22505 discovery offshore Louisiana in West Cameron Block 75 in the Gulf of Mexico. The company drilled the well from a surface location in Block 62 to the north in 35 ft. of water. Since the company drilled the well to 22,824 ft., the first 25 billion cu. ft. of gas equivalent production is free from federal royalty payments. When it completes testing on this well, El Paso plans to drill another test from the same surface location into Block 62, according to IHS Energy. 13 Newfield Exploration Co., Houston, reported participation in three Gulf of Mexico discoveries. It found 90 ft. of gross dry gas pay at its Wrigley prospect in southeastern Mississippi Canyon 506 at its first operated deepwater discovery. The well is in 3,670 ft. of water. It plans to tie back the well to existing infrastructure to produce reserves estimated between 55- and 85 billion cu. ft. of gas equivalent. It also found a 90-ft. gross hydrocarbon column at its La Femme prospect in 5,814 ft. of water in Mississippi Canyon 427. It plans a second well on the site. The Anduin prospect, drilled by another operator on Mississippi Canyon 755, found some 48 ft. of gross oil pay. 14 A deep North Louisiana exploratory test is in the works for Devon Energy Production Co. LP, Oklahoma City. The independent plans to drill its #1 Devon-Donner in Section 11-15n-2e in southwestern Ouachita Parish, slightly more than a mile north of the Caldwell Parish line. The well will test Lower Cotton Valley gas potential to 16,000 ft. Only four wells in the parish have been drilled below 14,000 ft. The nearest Cotton Valley production is some nine miles northeast in Cheniere Creek Field, says IHS Energy. 15 Noble Energy Inc., Houston, completed a Cibicides hazzardi wildcat in Section 3-11s-5w in southwestern Jefferson Davis Parish, La., flowing 540 bbl. of oil, 287,000 cu. ft. of casinghead gas and 276 bbl. of water a day. The company tested the #1 HBW Farms Inc. through a 9/64-in. choke with 5,900 psi of flowing tubing pressure from perforations between 12,068-71 ft. The nearest commercial production is from Niblett North Field some two miles northeast, where Noble reestablished production last year with the #1 LeBlanc at 680,000 cu. ft. of gas, 266 bbl. of condensate and 463 bbl. of water a day from Cibicides hazzardi. 16 Key Production Co., Tulsa, completed a Free State Field well in Jones County, Miss., for 1,017 bbl. of oil, 2.15 million cu. ft. of gas and eight bbl. of water a day. The company's #2 Ellzey was fractured in the Lower Hosston between 15,913 and 16,148 ft. and showed 775 psi of flowing tubing pressure on a 1-in. choke. Located in Section 17-8n-13e, the well was scheduled to reach bottom in Section 18 at 16,500 ft. The nearest Hosston producer in the field, the #1 Ellzey "17-12," has produced 1.25 billion cu. ft. of gas, 764, 448 bbl. of oil and 300,762 bbl. of water from 1998 through October last year.