Greensea IQ, maritime solutions and robotics company, announced the launch of its next generation EverClean service robot, according to an Nov. 28 press release.

OPENSEA is Greensea IQ’s modified software system that enables the next generation robots' capability to deliver fast and efficient hull cleaning (removing marine growth and antifouling paint). The robot also has improvements in depth aided navigation, obstacle avoidance, maneuvering and user interaction capabilities, the release stated. An increase in brush size also allows the robot to clean hulls faster and improve thrusters bolsters’ stability, agility and adaptability in dynamic conditions.

These latest advancements in the robot follows EverClean’s recent launch of EverClean IQ, Greensea’s new data reporting solution. Equipped with sensors and cameras, the robots can record brush pressure feedback that can be used to build a dataset on each hull it services. EverClean IQ not only manages this data for its own future use but also transforms it into “clear, concise” reports for customers, offering insights into hull conditions over time through a user-friendly interface, according to the release.

The EverClean robots can autonomously cover areas up to 50 sq m on a ship’s hull, reducing the level of operator oversight required at the ship’s side, detecting obstacles and pausing only where required for human intervention. Keep out zones are also defined within the software, reducing the likelihood of brush or coating damage.