Green Rock Energy Partners acquired renewable natural gas (RNG) production facility PSA South Hills Landfill Gas Venture, according to a press announcement on Dec. 8.

The South Hills facility will produce transportation fuel from landfill biogas and turn it into RNG to be sold as renewable compressed natural gas in the vehicular transportation market. The facility creates RNG from renewable sources such as landfill organic waste, municipal waste from wastewater operations and animal waste by capturing methane emissions produced from the decomposition of waste products, reducing greenhouse gasses in the process.

The facility is expected to produce 1 million gallons of fuel per year. 

Green Rock is a sustainable infrastructure-focused private equity firm with investments in renewable energy targeting waste-to-value energy assets. The firm puts capital into businesses and infrastructure that produce renewables such as RNG and renewable diesel and fertilizer to develop, purchase and operate these businesses. 

“Green Rock is proud to expand our sustainable infrastructure portfolio,” said Cody Myers, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Green Rock. “We continue to invest in renewable natural gas assets due to their ability to facilitate the transition to a lower-emission future while providing attractive returns.”

To manage the RNG offtake at its newly acquired facility, Green Rock has partnered with United Green Energy. Additionally, Green Rock will have Venture Engineering and Construction (VEC) supply technical advisory services and provide engineering consulting and operations and maintenance services post close of the South Hills deal.  

“VEC has been an excellent partner to Green Rock as we evaluate opportunities to deploy capital into RNG and other sustainable infrastructure opportunities,” said Martin Mitchell, Green Rock’s co-founder and managing partner. “VEC’s team combines differentiated technical expertise for smaller-scale site development with the design creativity and implementation flexibility that is critical for project success in this segment of the market.”

Green Rock’s other recent investments include the RNG platform Viridi Energy and in the renewable power and RNG producer Bio Town Biogas.