It goes without saying that silver linings are hard to find these days. Just when you think you have found one, there is a caveat, and convincing others of an optimistic worldview has become an art form. Considering what COVID-19 has wrought upon the world in general, and how it and the oil price crash have hamstrung the industry in particular like never before, it is understandable that many currently view silver linings as far-flung dreams.

But someday these nightmares will fade, and today’s silver linings will become tomorrow’s realities. For those who look deep enough and prepare accordingly, they will become tomorrow’s opportunities.

That is what many of the producers and analysts that spoke with Hart Energy said about the U.S. natural gas market, ranging from the Haynesville Shale to the Barnett Shale, with a particular focus on the Marcellus and its abun­dance of dry gas and economics capable of handling sub-$3 natural gas prices.

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