Frac Spread: Winter Demand For Butane Bolsters NGL ‘Barrel’

Exports are also strong as normal butane chips away at the spread with isobutane.

frac spread

(Source: Shutterstock)

The Mont Belvieu, Texas, hypothetical NGL barrel hit a six-month high last week, breaching $23 for the first time since mid-May.

The 2.1% weekly rise, which extended the barrel’s rally to seven weeks, was bolstered by a 4.9% jump in normal butane. That increase in normal butane, combined with a 2.6% drop in the price of Mont Belvieu isobutane, narrowed the spread between the butanes to just over 5 cents per gallon (gal), compared to 10.6 cents/gal last week and 28.5 cents/gal at the start of October.

EnVantage Inc. partly attributed the quick contraction in the isobutane to normal butane price spread to a sudden higher demand.

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Joseph Markman

Joseph Markman, senior editor for Hart Energy, covers markets and provides data analysis for all Hart Energy editorial products.