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Tara Sharma, vice president of RedOaks Energy Advisors, is today’s featured Forty Under 40 honoree. 

Before she was a seasoned industry veteran, Sharma was fascinated with the oil and gas industry due to the influences of her father, Dr. Mukul Sharma, and older brother, Dhruv Sharma, who were already in the industry. 

“On vacation at the beach as a kid, my dad would step on the sand to show me how the water moved away from his foot as an example of sand mechanics and pore pressure,” said Sharma. “Hearing about their experiences, I found the industry and its many challenges very fascinating.”

Sharma now leads RedOaks Energy Advisors with a vision to make the company into a market leader in the oil and gas A&D sector. With mentors like David Carter, partner at Red Oaks, whose competence and industry knowledge Sharma says inspires trust and confidence, Sharma produces a cooperative culture to lead a team towards big picture goals. 

Sharma is excited to see where the industry goes in the future and thinks young industry members have a unique relationship and familiarity with technology. 

“I think the industry’s ability to embrace change will allow it to thrive in the future. Cultural shifts, breakthrough technology and alternative approaches are already here. The key will be to incorporate the best parts of these changes and not resist new ideas for the sake of tradition alone.”

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