Stephanie Zoutenbier, commercial engagement leader for Baker Hughes Co., is today’s featured Forty Under 40 honoree.

Zoutenbier didn’t set out to work in the oil and gas industry. After studying meteorology and engineering in college, she worked in the space program before realizing she wanted something more fluid and exciting. To find this, she entered the energy industry and hasn’t looked back.

“Before the energy industry, I was in the space program for a few years after college and worked with the 45th Space Wing, supporting the Space Shuttle, range support rockets and SpaceX,” Zoutenbier said. “It was cool, but as I started to settle and look ahead for career planning, I realized many people were doing the same thing every day for decades. I can’t do that; I am not wired that way! I want a dynamic and changing environment, and energy and operations are just that.”

Now Zoutenbier works as a commercial engagement leader for Baker Hughes in Houston in the “dynamic and changing environment” she craved.

She started at Baker Hughes in Midland, Texas, supporting the Permian Basin region helping train others on new tools. She has since transitioned from the field to the office and into leadership.

“I am proud of my reputation,” Zoutenbier added, “I am known as someone who takes on challenges, gets things done, and does so with a big smile and fun personality. ... I’ve been told by people that they’re relieved when they find out I’m their main point of contact for a project or during a customer engagement because they know it’ll get done right the first time.”

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