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Salah Gamoudi, executive vice president and CFO of SandRidge Energy Inc., is today's featured Forty Under 40 honoree.

Gamoudi is proud to be one of the "leaders in the 'turnaround story' of SandRidge, having entered the company in April 2020 at an unprecedented low in commodity prices. Through hard work with the rest of the company's executives, he helped forge a path forward stronger than ever.

"Our efforts repositioned SandRidge into being a Midcontinent-based, profitability-focused oil and gas operator with the flexibility and adaptability to take advantage of strategic and value enhancing opportunities," he said.

Gamoudi's father, Ibrahim, was a strong mentor. As a professional in Libya's oil and gas industry, Ibraham was able to teach his son about how valuable the industry is, as well as how to work hard and succeed within it.

"Having lived the quintessential ‘immigrant story’ of America, he came here with a scholarship check and a lot of aspirations but had to start from the ground up—learning the English language, understanding the culture and then applying the technical skills to climb the ranks in his given field," Gamoudi said. "I took away from him the meaning of hard work and not taking for granted the opportunities in front of you."

Moving forward, Gamoudi believes that the oil and gas industry needs to go on the offense when approaching changes—getting ahead of new challenges rather than adapting once the challenges present themselves.

"I believe our approach to these issues [energy security, energy poverty, climate change] needs to be one where we go 'on offense,' actively proposing solutions and addressing trade-offs and the practicality of proposed changes, legislation and agreements," he said. "The stakes regarding our energy security as a nation, as well as addressing energy poverty for the globe, are too important to 'sit idly by.'"

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