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Michael Hart, CEO of Rio Grande E&P II LLC, is today's featured Forty Under 40 honoree.

With a geologist grandfather and a petroleum engineer father, Hart was raised alongside the oil and gas industry. Before his grandfather passed away, the three were able to exchange career and industry-related stories, which Hart recounts as one of his most memorable experiences.

"We covered a fair bit of industry history, with some good boom/bust stories," he said. "This just felt like a different way of connecting with them, specifically around a topic that provided not just a way to earn a living but something in which we all directly participated and to which we felt a strong tie."

Successfully overseeing the sale of Rio Grande I is one of Hart's most important career milestones, and he was especially proud of his team for thriving under a set of particularly challenging circumstances.

Hart has learned in his career that challenging himself if essential to growing, and he advises other young energy professionals to do the same in order to accel in their careers.

"When you remove yourself from your comfort zone by accepting new challenges, you’re likely to expand your skill set and hopefully end up with an improved version of yourself," he said.

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