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Ashley Gilmore, CEO of Tracts, is today's featured Forty Under 40 honoree.

Gilmore started Tracts with partners David Dewey and fellow 2022 Forty Under 40 honoree Robert Anderson.

"The first achievement is when David, Rob and I created Tracts, a title management platform that has the ability to save the industry over a billion dollars annually," he said. "I always feel like I’m chasing the next milestone, and each time we hit a milestone, it feels less significant than the one coming up."

As a leader in his company, Gilmore has found that the key to good leadership is persistence. Finding innovative ways to adjust to different challenges, he said, is an essential part of leading a company.

"Our team doesn’t quit. We pivot, and we adjust," Gilmore said. "One example of this was the creation of TitleNotes and forming a partnership with Enverus. TitleNotes solves a major problem for our customers and is a revenue generating lead source."

According to Gilmore, young energy professionals are valuable to the workforce because they are on the onset of their careers - they have "time to fail" and "time to win."

"Sometimes lack of experience and fundamental misunderstandings of a problem can lead to innovation and new approaches that end up being better," he said.

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