Aaron Chang, vice president of oil and gas marketing at Oklahoma City-based Continental Resources Inc., is today’s featured Forty Under 40 honoree.

Chang, who had originally planned to go to medical school, said an internship as a field engineer based out of a sour gas plant in rural Oklahoma changed his mind, turning him toward oil and gas.

“The passion that people had for this industry and the sense of pride and patriotism really made me feel like I was a part of a community—something bigger than yourself,” he said.

At Continental Resources, Chang has found a common vision and set of goals that inspires him to grow and develop as a leader. His said he considers his promotion to vice president of oil and gas marketing a career milestone.

“There are a lot more stakeholders and functions that now directly work with me, and making sure that our team is aligned, engaged and feels ownership in a common vision and strategy is critical,” he said of the role.

Recently, Chang faced the challenge of helping to develop a tool in the March/April timeframe to help optimize cash flow vs. NAV at the well level.

“This was a very collaborative effort across multiple disciplines that we were asked to develop at the same time that COVID-19 became a major concern in the U.S., really making that multidiscipline, team collaboration challenging with some people working from remote locations and social distancing with the ones that were in person,” he said. “This was a majorly impactful project to preserving and maximizing value and cash to Continental and was done in relatively short-time in what was a very challenging environment.”

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