After a variety of woes, including financing difficulties with its signature Driftwood LNG project, Tellurian Inc. is making headway on a $1.4 billion pipeline natural gas transmission system to supply its terminal.

Tellurian said on April 24 that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a certificate granting authorization for Driftwood Pipeline LLC’s Line 200 and Line 300. The natural gas transmission project is proposed to be located in Beauregard and Calcasieu parishes, Louisiana. FERC made its decision on April 21, according to Tellurian.

The pipelines will have the ability to supply up to 5.5 Bcf/d of natural gas. Tellurian said that the pipelines will operate with “virtually no emissions” due to the implementation of electric-powered Integrated Compressor Line (ICL) technology from Baker Hughes.


Tellurian Eyes $3.2 Billion in Equity for Driftwood LNG

Tellurian President and CEO Octávio Simões thanked FERC “for their thorough and collaborative review of our Driftwood Pipeline Project, and we look forward to delivering natural gas in a cleaner and highly reliable way to Southwest Louisiana.”

Driftwood Pipeline LLC, a subsidiary of Tellurian Inc., would transmit gas to the Driftwood LNG facility. The proposed 96-mile feed gas pipeline would deliver to the facility an annual average of 4 Bcf/d of natural gas.

In a proposal Tellurian filed with FERC in May 2022, the system would consist of construction and operation or dual 42-inch natural gas pipelines originating near the Louisiana town of Ragley to the town of Carlyss. The lines and existing infrastructure would supply the market south of Lake Charles. 

The pipeline system would be compromised of roughly 70 miles of pipeline, including:

  • 36.9 miles of 42-inch diameter pipeline in Beauregard and Calcasieu (Line 200);
  • 30.8 miles of 42-inch diameter pipeline in Beauregard and Calcasieu (Line 300) that would be constructed adjacent to Line 200 in a second phase of construction;
  • 0.9 mile of 30-inch diameter lateral (Sempra Lateral) extending from Meter Station 14 to the Indian Bayou Compressor Station;
  • 0.8 mile of 30-inch diameter lateral (Transco Lateral) extending from Meter Station 5 to the Indian Bayou Compressor Station;
  • 850 feet of dual 42-inch-diameter pipelines connecting the receiver facility to Meter Station 12;
  • new compressor station at the Indian Bayou Compressor Station with a total of 211,200 hp in Beauregard;
  • new receiver facility at the terminus of the Line 200 and Line 300 in Calcasieu;
  • 11 new meter stations and interconnects in Beauregard and Calcasieu;
  • 6 mainline valves within 3 valve facilities; and
  • additional ancillary facilities such as communication facilities and internal inspection devices (pig launchers and receivers).

Tellurian first filed its FERC application for the Driftwood Pipeline in June 2021.