Exxon Mobil and Air Liquide entered into an agreement aimed at producing low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia at Exxon’s Baytown, Texas, facility, the companies announced June 24.

The project is expected to transport low-carbon hydrogen from the facility through Air Liquide’s pipeline network.

The project is on track to becoming the world's largest hydrogen facility and is slated to produce 1 Bcf of low-carbon hydrogen daily.

 The companies expect the facility’s ammonia production to reach more than 1 million tons annually while capturing 98% of associated CO2 emissions.

"Momentum continues to build for the world's largest low-carbon hydrogen project and the emerging hydrogen market," said Dan Ammann, president of Exxon’s low carbon solutions. "This partnership with Air Liquide further strengthens our Baytown project by enabling hydrogen distribution through existing networks and securing key feedstocks."

Additionally, Air Liquide said it plans to build and operate four large modular air separation units to supply 9,000 metric tons (mt) of oxygen and up to 6,5000 mt of nitrogen daily to the Baytown facility.

The units will mainly source low-carbon electricity to reduce the project’s carbon footprint.