Exxon Mobil Pledges $400 Million to Boost Wyoming Carbon Capture

Exxon Mobil expects the expansion will capture up to 1 million metric tons of CO₂, in addition to the 6-7 million metric tons already captured at the LaBarge, Wyoming facility each year.

Hart Energy Staff

Exxon Mobil Corp. announced a $400 million expansion to capture up to an additional 1 million more metric tons of CO₂ each year from its carbon capture facility in Wyoming.

The expansion of the facility in LaBarge, Wyoming, which has already captured more CO₂ than any other facility in the world, underscores Exxon Mobil’s commitment to advancing carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects around the globe, commented Joe Blommaert, president of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions.

“This technology is critical to help meet society’s lower-emissions goals, and with the right policies in place, is immediately deployable,” Blommaert said in the release.

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