Everyone knows the drill on where to drill. The Permian Basin is one of the only basins truly left standing, with economical wells even in this environment. It’s all about the sweet spots, the core-of-the-core in the Delaware and Midland basins. It’s a hot area, but its com­petitive prices may leave some smaller private companies burned. Now, certain E&Ps are turn­ing to a different, more conventional area that all of upstream could stand to watch. It’s time to keep an eye on an area that has the potential to be a hot spot a few years down the line.

At Hart Energy’s annual Executive Oil Conference held in Midland, Texas, this November, attendees heard from three pri­vate operators proving up acreage outside the Permian’s celebrated zones. Executives dis­cussed their operations and strategies in the Central Basin Platform (CBP), offering a rare glimpse into life on the fringes.

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