Just under the wire for 2020, the first live oil and gas asset auction of the year is set to take place in Dallas on Dec. 8.

Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse has partnered with Hart Energy to host this year’s first live auction at the 19th annual A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference. 

Cody Davis, CEO of Clearinghouse, recently joined Hart Energy’s Jessica Morales to discuss the outlook for A&D activity as well as providing a preview of the upcoming auction, which in addition to the live aspect will allow for virtual participation, benefiting both the buyers and sellers.

“The best ways it helps—there are a lot of ways—is it puts on a platform that makes it the most competitive platform,” he said. “You get the energy and excitement of a live auction where people are there—the networking, the negotiation—and you still also get the online portion.”

During the interview, Davis discussed A&D opportunities currently available in the market, which he said are “abundant”—both on the noncore distressed asset side and the minerals and royalties space. He also spoke on a silver lining of a potential administration change for the oil and gas industry.

Overall, Davis said he sees better days ahead for A&D activity in the oil and gas space.

“We’ve been all pent up,” he said. “the buyers and sellers we see, everybody wants to make deals happen and the future looks bright for all of us.”

For more information on the live auction by the Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse co-located at this year’s A&D Strategies and Opportunities Conference visit HartEnergyConferences.com/ad-strategies-and-opportunities/live-oil-and-gas-assets-auction.

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  • Background in oil and gas (0:40)
  • What’s currently on the market (1:42)
  • Benefits of a live auction (2:15)
  • Advantage of upcoming auction (3:00)
  • Effect of upcoming election on A&D (3:43)
  • Outlook on gas deals (4:30)
  • Noncore, distressed assets (5:06)
  • Minerals and royalties (5:35)
  • Future of the A&D market (6:52)