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Jordan Soto, Hart Energy Staff: We are celebrating Hart Energy's 50th anniversary and Hall of Fame event with some Agents of Change. With us, one of them, Tim Duncan, CEO of Talos Energy. What are you most excited about tonight?

Tim Duncan: Well, look, it's neat to be here. I mean, I think of Hart Energy's coverage over the last 50 years, and the first person I think of is Leslie Haines. I mean, what she did and thinking about our industry and that it has a story to tell. And then when you look at somebody honorees in the Hall of Fame, I think of Joe Foster. I'm an offshore guy. That's where we built our business. Guys like Joe Foster, folks like Jeff Hildebrand and how they believed and had conviction and wanted to build a business. [James Robert] Jim Bob Moffett comes to mind. I mean...somebody with just tremendous courage. And so it's neat to be able to honor some of those guys that are still absolutely going at it and doing great things today or guys that we're remembering and honoring from the past.

JS: Absolutely, and we're honoring you as well. Congratulations. As we're looking at those movers and shakers of the industry, and yourself included in that, what's the enduring legacy of those members?

TD: I think when you think about those who have made it and those who are still working hard, and I think those of us that still have an influence, I think the theme is find some idea that you have, that you really are going to pour yourself into. And what I worry about a little bit, and what I hope we don't lose is that level of courage it takes to build something. And the challenges of building something, and I think hopefully tonight is a reminder of how our industry was built. It was built on the backs of a tremendous amount of intellect and a tremendous amount of courage. And that we've got a generation behind us that doesn't want to lose sight of that. I think if we're doing that, whether it's traditional oil and gas or as they're thinking about low carbon, all that needs to still be there for this industry to be successful 20, 30 years from now.

JS: In that same vein, what advice do you have for young people or Hart Energy readers?

TD: I think, look, don't fall short on the effort. I mean, know how hard it is, but don't not want to lean in and try. I mean, take that calculated risk. Believe in yourself. Understand what it is you have conviction in. What problem are you trying to solve? Research. Don't cut any corners, but if you think you've got it, you're like, don't quit on it. Keep trying. Keep working at it. And I think if enough of us do that, we're still going to have a vibrant industry in 20, 30, 40, 50 years.

JS: Couldn't have said it better. Thank you so much, Tim. Thanks so much. Thanks, Tim. This is Hart Energy Live's 50th anniversary in Hall of Fame and celebration.