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Jordan Soto, Hart Energy Staff: We are here at Hart Energy LIVE's 50th anniversary and Hall of Fame event. We have so many hall of famers, a legend himself, Harold Hamm, chairman of the board for Continental Resources. Thank you for being here, Harold.

Harold Hamm, executive chairman, Continental Resources: Thank you. Well, it's awfully good to be here. So I appreciate it very much.

JS: So you're going to be a part of the fireside chat tonight. Before you dive into that conversation, I had a quick question for you. What energy industry advice do you have for young people or Hart energy readers?

HH: Well, first of all, I think we have to let them know that they're in for an awfully good ride. It's a very exciting industry, and we're going to be around this industry for a very long time. We just did a summit in Oklahoma City with the Hamm Institute, and it was determined there that we're going to need oil for the foreseeable future, the next 50 to 100 years. And we have an abundance of both and we're going to be able to meet that supply with oil here in the United States and abroad. And also with natural gas, what we're doing is amazing, cleaning up the air, cleaning up the environment.

We hope the rest of the world will do the same thing that United States have done and reduce emission by 40% by using clean burn natural gas. So we're talking a 100 year supply, at least, of natural gas in the future. So you're on the right track if you're studying to be a petroleum engineer, petroleum geologist or just energy specialist today and whatever field that you might choose, you're doing the right thing. So I want to encourage you.

JS: So last question here, before you get into that fireside chat and enjoy the rest of your evening, how do you see the future of the energy industry playing out while balancing not just fossil fuels, but the transition as well?

HH: Well, everybody talks about the transition. Transition to me is like flipping a switch and turning the lights on. What we're involved in is the evolution. We're all aware that as this world evolves, we have to evolve with it. And we have, we've seen a tremendous amount of positive change in the 55, 57 years that I've been in business at Continental Resources. So we're continuing to see that change, and as we go forward, we'll see more change in the future. But it's more of an evolution than it is a transition. It's more of an addition. We're burning more of everything today and the manner in which that we burn that is what we really need to be thinking about. We're going to need more energy, we're burning more wood, more natural gas and we're going to need it all as we go forward to power this economy, to power the world and to keep the world in good debt.

JS: Well, thank you so much for taking the time, Harold. We appreciate you being here celebrating with Hart Energy. Any last words?

HH: Well, I want to thank Hart for this event and certainly for honoring me. I appreciate the honor. It's great. I’m glad I've been somewhat of an advocate for the industry and I want to continue doing just that.

JS: Thank you, Harold. Enjoy your evening. This is Hart Energy LIVE with our 50th anniversary and Hall of Fame event at the A.D. Players Theater in Houston.