EverGen Infrastructure Corp. announced on July 18 its first injection of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) at the company’s GrowTEC facility in Canada in late June, marking the completion of Phase 1 of the facility’s RNG expansion.

The GrowTEC facility is located in Alberta and is a bioenergy venture that has generated renewable power by converting biodegradable waste into biogas for more than eight years.

Phase 1 of the GrowTEC RNG expansion project allows the facility to have a production capacity of 80,000 gigajoules of RNG every year. The first phase was completed upon first injection of RNG at the facility, which followed a successful utility grid connection upon completion of gas quality sampling. Since, the facility has produced 180 gigajoules of RNG per day.

Phase 2 of the RNG expansion project will begin by adding preprocessing and depackaging equipment to be able to process more organic waste. At the end of Phase 2, production capacity will increase to approximately 140,000 gigajoules of RNG annually. FID for the second phase is expected late 2023.

“RNG plays a crucial role in the global energy transition as the only carbon negative energy source, and we are excited to take this significant step towards achieving a decarbonized energy future,” Chase Edgelow, CEO of EverGen, said in a press release.

EverGen acquired a 67% interest in GrowTEC in July of 2022. The company is an independent renewable energy producer with a portfolio of RNG it has acquired, developed and operates.