ESG Metrics Reveal Permian Basin Flaring Trends

As the ESG focus gains momentum, flaring rates and intensity continue to fall despite climbing completions since late 2020.

Grant Swartzwelder, ESG Dynamics
Permian Basin

Natural gas flares between two rigs in a West Texas oil field. (Source: GB Hart/

As interest in sustainability grows, investors are paying greater attention to ESG issues across sectors, especially in the energy industry. They have called for increased disclosure of ESG performance metrics, alongside financial reports. Oil and gas producers are scrambling to compile that information. But investors and producers aren’t the only interested parties. Land owners, regulators, insurers and others need ESG data to make decisions regarding their properties and portfolios.

“Access to energy security equates to economic well-being, and oil and gas will be in the global energy mix for the long term. At the same time, the industry must decarbonize and eliminate fugitive emissions. We need transparency of data about performance,” said Gani Sagingaliyev, co-founder of data and analytics firm ESG Dynamics.

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