ESG Mandates Heating Up for the Oil and Gas Industry

Where do oil and gas companies stand on climate-related disclosures?

Steve Soter, Workiva

The increasing investor focus on ESG data is bringing critical operational change, challenging oil and gas companies to manage and track an increasing magnitude of disparate data as disclosure becomes mandated. (Source: Panchenko Vladimir/

As we enter the latter half of 2021, energy companies are embracing the growing importance of ESG disclosures and reporting. As many are adopting new technologies, increasing efficiencies, and incorporating renewable or alternative energy into their operations to meet new mandates and regulations across both U.S. and the European Union, as well as to ensure they are attracting investment.

The recent SEC scrutiny on existing climate disclosure requirements and expected rule proposal on additionally mandated disclosures creates a sense of urgency for companies to figure out how to remain compliant with disclosing the direct and indirect impact they have on climate change. 

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