EQT’s Toby Rice on How Environmentalists Can Truly Make an Impact

Replacing coal with natural gas as an energy source will reduce emissions but requires pipelines and facilities to be built faster than ever, EQT CEO Toby Rice told the DUG East audience.

EQT’s Toby Rice on How Environmentalists Can Truly Make an Impact

Environmentalists blocking pipelines have “good intentions and want to make an impact,” EQT Toby Rice said, but they are misguided in their thinking that blocking a pipeline is going to reduce emissions. (Source: Jennifer Pallanich / Hart Energy)

PITTSBURGH—Natural gas is a major green initiative that misguided people with good intentions are blocking, EQT CEO Toby Rice said during Hart Energy’s DUG East Conference and Exhibition.

The more energy people use, the better their quality of life, he said. Solar and wind alone cannot meet the energy needs of the world, and without natural gas to round out energy supply, countries are likely to turn to coal, he told the audience on June 15.

Coal use has ramifications on emissions. Natural gas can help reduce emissions, if the infrastructure to distribute it can be built, he said.

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Jennifer Pallanich

Jennifer Pallanich is Hart Energy's senior editor for technology. She has reported on the technology that fuels oil patch exploration, development and production for more than two decades.