EQT Corp. and Context Labs announced on April 3 a strategic partnership for the commercialization of verified low carbon intensity natural gas products and carbon credits.

As the largest natural gas producer in the U.S., EQT will use Context Labs’ climate data and analytics and machine learning capabilities to reach its net zero greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions goal by 2025. The partnership will focus on emissions quantification, operational analysis and natural gas production certification.

Context Labs will fully digitally integrate EQT’s emissions data across EQT’s assets by deploying its decarbonization as a service (DaaS) platform, a GHG monitoring service. DaaS will certify and verify the carbon intensity of EQT’s operating assets with certificates registered in Context Labs’ Clear Path repository.

Context’s Clear Path platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, cryptographic security and an integrated blockchain to resolve the complexity of operational data and eliminate manual reviews of carbon methodologies and projects. EQT will use the platform to generate data-backed carbon credits from its projects.

"EQT and Context Labs are leading the industry in capturing opportunities not just to decarbonize natural gas, but credibly validate our emissions reductions, which is a critical component to ensuring natural gas plays a leading role in the world's energy evolution," EQT president and CEO Toby Rice said.