EQT CEO Says Concern Over LNG Misguided, Calls for a Ramped US LNG Program

In response to a letter from Senator Warren, shale gas giant EQT outlined emissions reduction potential of an accelerated replacement of foreign coal usage with natural gas for baseload power.

Hart Energy Staff
Toby Rice EQT

“Ramping LNG in a manner that specifically targets the replacement of foreign coal, particularly in China, represents the largest, fastest and most proven opportunity for the United States to address global climate change," EQT CEO Toby Rice said. (Source: Hart Energy; image of Toby Rice courtesy of EQT Corp.)

EQT Corp. President and CEO Toby Z. Rice responded today to a letter that the company received from Senator Elizabeth Warren on Nov. 23.

“We strongly agree with the goal of keeping energy affordable and reliable for citizens of the United States," Rice stated in EQT’s response letter, according to a company release on Dec. 7.

"EQT has worked toward this goal for decades. We disagree, however, with claims that the increase in natural gas prices relative to 2020 levels is attributable to a combination of ‘corporate greed’ and the export of LNG.”

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