[Editor's note: A version of this story appears in the February 2021 issue of E&P Plus.]

Halliburton recently launched its Halliburton Labs program to serve as a type of incubator initiative that gives participating companies access to Halliburton’s laboratory facilities. According to the company, Halliburton Labs serves as a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, academics, investors and industrial laboratories work together to advance clean, affordable energy.

“For early-stage, clean energy companies to achieve their growth targets, they require capital, technical and operational expertise, mentorship, access to lab space and the ability to demonstrate that they can scale their technologies,” the company told E&P Plus. “Halliburton Labs brings these capabilities and resources together to support commercial success.”

In this exclusive video interview, Scott Gale, executive director of Halliburton Labs, spoke with E&P Plus about the program, its goals and why Halliburton felt this program was necessary as the industry moves into a new era of low carbon intensity.

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