With tens of thousands of locations populating the well inventory for E&Ps, it seems at first glance to be a little early discussing EOR in shale.

However, a program to inject natural gas in the volatile oil window of the Eagle Ford demonstrates that cyclic gas injec­tion (CGI) or, as more colloquially known, huff and puff, has moved beyond the ex­perimental stage and is a proven method to economically increase incremental oil recovery in shale.

Furthermore, the Eagle Ford process is undergoing experiments in both the Den­ver-Julesburg Basin and the Bakken Shale. The big prize, of course, is the Permian Basin, where excess natural gas earns zero revenue and is flared away, creating economic waste and bad optics for the in­dustry just as environmental, social and governance is becoming a major issue in interactions with the public.

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