E&P June 2020

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In this month’s issue of E&P, we cover:

  • How unconventional completions lessons learned over the last ten years are helping shape the future of shale development, with insights from Ali Daneshy Consultants, Ambyint, Cold Bore Technology, Halliburton, Reveal Energy and more.
  • What companies like Chevron, Shell, Total and ExxonMobil are doing to manage their greenhouse gas emissions and meet their emissions reduction goals over the next few decades.
  • The impact of low oil prices on the crude dependent economies of the Middle Eastern region and what major E&P projects are being scaled back.
  • How technology scouting programs can help preserve R&D capital by looking to other industries for crossover innovation.
  • A new active torque cutting structure for drill bits that is saving millions of dollars in transitional drilling applications.
  • Deepwater pipeline decommissioning that involves lifting the pipeline off the seafloor to the surface for cleaning.