E&P: July 2020 International Drilling Activity Highlights

Check out the latest oil and gas drilling activity highlights from around the world featured in the July issue of E&P including two significant oil discoveries offshore Mexico and Chesapeake Energy Marcellus Shale completions in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna County.

International Highlights

(Source: Larry Prado, Hart Energy)

1. Mexico

Repsol announced two significant oil discoveries on the Polok and Chinwol prospects in Block 29 offshore Mexico. At the Polok-1 well, the venture found oil pay in an early Miocene reservoir of the Salina Basin, which is part of Sureste Basin. The Chinwol-1 well encountered oil in Pliocene pay at the Chinwol prospect. Wireline formation testing performed in both wells has shown good flow capacity in multiple stations in separate reservoirs. Water depth at both sites is about 600 m. The Polok-1 was drilled to 2,620 m and found more than 200 m of net oil pay in two zones. The Chinwol-1 was drilled to 1,850 m and encountered more than 150 m of net oil pay from three zones in Lower Pliocene. Both reservoirs show excellent petrophysi­cal properties, and 108 m of core sam­ples have been collected. Appraisal testing is being planned.

2. US

Chesapeake Operating Inc. completed two Marcellus Shale wells from a pad in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna County. The Jessup Field pad is in Section 5, Auburn Center 7.5 Quad, Auburn Township. The Masso 101H well was drilled to 14,069 ft (7,013 ft true verti­cal) and flowed 44.44 MMcf of gas with no reported water per day. Produc­tion is from perforations at 7,618 ft to 14,040 ft with a shut-in casing pressure of 2,800 psi. To the southeast, Masso 6 was drilled to 14,458 ft (7,489 ft true vertical) and produced 45.56 MMcf of gas with no reported water per day and a shut-in casing pressure of 3,200 psi. Production is from perforations at 7,569 ft to 14,434 ft.

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Larry Prado

Larry Prado writes activity highlights for Hart Energy's upstream franchises and covers E&P news. He holds an AA in electronics engineering technology and a BA in technical communications.